BigFood’s vision is to introduce familiar flavours to every meal through a different and unique perspective.

Inspired by greek tradition, local recipes and ingredients that deliver exceptional flavour combinations: these are the ingredients utilised for the Born In Greece products. Always handmade and comprised of the purest ingredients they are here to complement every special moment.

Homemade marmalades for every taste, made strictly from the freshest fruits of Macedonia region. Combinations comprising of chocolate, verbena and cinnamon set themselves apart from other products to make breakfast and cooking even tastier.

Quality international award winning thyme honey from Crete, characterised by its aroma, will make your senses tingle. Honey with Ceylon cinnamon, honey from orange tree and honey with whole hazelnuts, will sweeten your daily routine.

This is just the beginning. Pasta with unimaginable tastes, extra virgin olive oil, homemade cooking sauces and exceptional spices will appear in the near future.

Our goal is to familiarise you with the purest of Greek ingredients. We only work with the highest quality suppliers to ensure exceptional quality in all of our product range.