The collection explores the sculptural element of the body figure, the  lightness of it at the time of physical exercise and the volumes shaped during natural movement. Black, ivory and gold contrasts blend with rich blue and red tones to create a graphic form of lightness. The natural pallet of honeycomb shades in solid raw silk brings a more sculptural aspect to the clothes with hints of handmade stitching that depicts the artisanal craftsmanship. A synthesis of contrasting weights and dyes of silk yarns are specifically weaved to fabrics to manifest innovation in archetypal materials.
Leather and raffia are combined in handmade bags and sandals creating a harmonious fusion of textures and techniques, while gold and marble highlight different volumes of geometric shapes.

Photography: Yiannis Bournias
Styling & Consultancy: Isabelle Kountoure
Make up & Hair: Yannis Siskos
Model: Charlotte Tomaszewska