​Fresh and colorful designs inspired by urban, street, ethnic and contemporary art. Stories on silk. Where the scarf stops, the artwork stops, so does the story. Offering that way the customer the additional ability to choose between “wear it – or why not? – frame it”.  

Long silk scarves are the main core business of “Proestilo”. Manufactured in Greece, with the precision and quality the traditional Greek silk industry in Soufli, offers for decades, worldwide.


​Color for me means happiness. I want the artwork to promote happiness. Either it is a work on a wall, a painting, an illustration or an object. This is how I see my work.  Like “color transmitter”. And if at the end of the day I have succeeded to give “color” to the spectator, then I will have done another small step.

​"One, should either be a work of art or wear a work of art". A phrase attributed to Oscar Wilde. To me the concept of "wearing a work of art" was and always be essential for my work. And this was exactly what gave me the boost to work on creating designs for scarves. It is an entire process that starts from scratch and ends to a joyful feeling.

​I want the other to be embraced by the quality of the gentlest material, care of work, color and above all “color”. To feel confident by wearing it. Strong. Powerful. Beautiful.

​Through my mind, from my heart, by my hand, all I am trying to do is to “transmit” brightness. This is from where I stand. And from that point I keep on working.