My name is Margianna Dragoumanou, born and raised in a beautiful seaside place, called Nafplio, in Greece. Nafplio has a strong historical background that traces back to the prehistoric era, while the name of the town is related to a myth. It was also the first capital of newly born Greece back in 1823. Given the place I grew up where the historical element is strong in every corner of the town, and the beautiful surrounds, I learn from early age to love history and totally be in love with the sea.

While I was studying Design in LCC at the Univeristy of the Arts in London, I had the chance to learn in depth about Greek history, the Ancient Greek architecture, the Greek forms and patterns. I was so inspired by the beauty and symbolism that lies on every picture and artifact that I used to see in museums without truly understanding their unique meaning and purpose. Eventually the idea engaging history and fashion together started to grow in my head. This was also promoted by the inspiration my mother gave me by drawing on silk, and combined with the feeling of nostalgia for the Greek summer while I was abroad, I began designing silk scarves with Greek cultural themes using bright colors to bring the warmth of summertime with me.

I wanted to offer a product that is 100% Greek, so all the scarves are made in Greece by silk produced at the northern part of the country, in Soufli. Back in the days, Soufli was a well known region for the textile companies and the manufactures of greek silk. Today, there is only one business of textile mill that produces silken fabrics, and has all the equipment needed for digital printing.

Therefore, MAGNADI was born.