Proudly creating monsters since... well, forever..

Greek monsters were the representatives of our fears and guilt. Monsters that rampaged until a brave soul, quite always a semi-god, managed to conquer them. Is it really that difficult to tame your fears? The Greek Imp decided that it’s not. It embraced the man-eater Minotaur, the one-eyed giant Cyclops, the furry of Medusa and the reviving heads of Hydra and guided them into the Greek summer. Hence, the monsters enjoy the sea and sun and forget their ferocious nature.

The Greek Imp was created by a group of friends fed up with the image that souvenirs project for Greece. They decided to face their inner fears and take the risk to change the tourist product as much as they can. 

It all started with the sketches. Three very bold cartoonists transformed the famous Greek mythical creatures into the mellow summer-stricken monsters of the Greek Imp. In order to keep up the good work we found 100% cotton textiles, silk prints and eco inks to make our monsters wearable.

This summer we are not scared. This summer we wear our monsters.