Minimalism and Classicism. Referencing geometric abstraction in simplicity of form and subdued color palettes, in order to exemplify the quality materials and craftsmanship of the pieces, and evoking architectural classicism with elegance, symmetry and a systematic order of proportions, the brand blends unparalleled luxury with distinctive architecture and brings a modernized old world sensibility to its designs. The brand envisions a handbag that preserves the designer’s Greek roots while transforming traditional leather goods into an intelligent, progressive design enhanced with a functional aspect that is based on the needs of the modern woman.

The brand targets discerning consumers who care about the materiality and craftsmanship of the products.


Elena is a London/Athens based fashion accessories designer. She completed her BFA in Integrated Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. During her BFA, she worked in the field of fashion design and explored different areas such as print design and visual merchandising. After finishing her BFA she decided to complete her MA in Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion. Here she explored the boundaries of receptacles and focused on leather and marble.



Many different types of natural leathers are used to create our products. The leather used is of the highest quality and from reputable, ethical sources. Natural leathers are left untreated for a pure finish, and can vary in shade and texture. Bare in mind that different leathers age in different ways and some are more delicate than others. Slight differences in color and texture are characteristics of the leather. Special care is advised as contact with lacquer, perfume, and anything containing alcohol and derivatives can cause damage. Avoid contact with water and dry it immediately with a cloth. We recommend that you store your bag in the provided dust bag.

ELENA KARAVASILI takes us into a minimalistic and luxurious atmosphere, by discovering stunning colors and carefully crafted leathers. Muted tones of underbrush, animal skins and sophisticated monochromes are part of each collection. The leathers sourced, are from the highest grade and environmental certified, to ensure the final product adheres to the brand’s quality standards.


''I wanted to create a brand that is minimalistic in its aesthetics, functional in its design, feels luxurious and is attainable.''