The headwear is often driven by a mixture of materials, installing a strong geometry and historical elements that aim for both design elegance and functionality.
Each piece is hand crafted, unique and individual; a one off creation made specifically for each client, incorporating traditional materials and modern technique.


Blanc is the brand name, created by Konstantinia Vafeiadou for a unique collection of handmade hats that was first launched in 2012, in Athens.
Blanc hats fashion a mixture of materials, featuring strong geometry and historical references that combine design elegance and functionality.
Each piece is hand crafted, unique and individual, incorporating traditional materials and modern techniques.
Additionally to Blanc collections, custom-made one off creations are designed and produced upon request.

Konstantinia Vafeiadou was raised in Serres, a city in Northern Greece, in the creative environment of her father’s art atelier. There she first came in touch with color, shapes and textures that determined her future career. After completing her studies in Fine Arts and Costume design at London College of Fashion she worked as a freelance costume designer for theatre productions and produced a number of performances presented in festivals and theatres in Greece and abroad. In 2011 she represented Greece in Extreme Costume section of Prague Quadrennial, the most influential set design exhibition worldwide.
She is co-founder of Frown, a non-profit organization that promotes new artistic approaches.
Her passion for craftsmanship and design inspired her to experiment on millinery techniques and explore the boundaries between fashion and art.