B38 is a shop established in Athens by the fashion designers Ioli Michalopoulou and Mirella Manta showcasing their unique designs and also hosting other selective original items.

Having shared an atelier for many years, the designers Ioli and Mirella, came to realize that although an atelier can be cozier than a shop, the process of visiting by making an appointment makes the decision a bigger one. People admit that they feel more obliged to buy when visiting the designers’ personal working space and showroom. Therefore, many fail to satisfy their impulse to visit a clothes shop, look around, try something on and enjoy themselves. This is why Ioli and Mirella decided to make their collections more visible and accessible to everyone.

The concept: “Atelier in a shop” is to maintain a high level of service and personal contact with the customer whilst being in an easily accessible place. The specific, central location of B38, on the corner of Voukourestiou and the beautiful, pedestrianized Roma Street has the added advantage that its grand shop windows make it possible to see the whole of B38 and the clothes , from both within and outside the shop.