Creative Lighting strikes again in Athens with yet another exclusive workshop on December 9.


Following the first, very successful exclusive session that took place in Athens in October and a workshop in London attended by leading names in the field of architecture, interior design and world renowned visualisation artists from around the globe, Nikos Nikolopoulos and Creative Lighting team are organizing a second Workshop in Tzaferi 16 penthouse in Athens, in Friday the 9th of December.

Founder and Creative Director of Creative Lighting, Nikos Nikolopoulos will share his magic lighting tricks and talk about light to architects, designers, photographers and artists that look for inspiration and want to enhance their artwork and visual storytelling.

Join us and in just one day you will learn how to paint with light, using cinematic lighting techniques and treat your virtual space as a stage or film set, using the Creative Lighting philosophy whose principles can be applied in all scenarios: day, night, inside and outside, just like in film and painting.

For more information about our global events and workshops please visit the official Creative Lighting page here.


The idea of Creative Lighting was born at Cityscape Digital’s Shoreditch studio, as the answer to the need for making visuals of buildings beautiful, exceptional. Cinematography was the main source of inspiration, and as this awe-inspiring world started to open up its secrets, along with many Pinterest boards, sketches, 3D tests and research into Roger Deakins, a new concept was forged; Creative Lighting. From then on and as the philosophy took on a life of its own and started to spread word, Creative Lighting club was founded.

The Club

Creative Lighting Club is a membership club where like-minded creative artists come for inspiration and knowledge. It is a place where artists can grow their creative skill set and understand how to harness light. The clubhouse is online and a lecture theatre, a gallery and even a DJ booth is just a click away, yet as we couldn't figure out how to include an online bar, there are plenty of road show events in the calendar throughout the world.