We met Evaggelos at his cozy offices and we have to admit that it was an amazing conversation full of inspiration, branding, and projects.

 A true visionary.

(Thank you for the great energy and your time!)

What have been your learning milestones starting and growing your business?

S & Team was founded in 1998. Being the owner of a company for 21 years means that you not only grow with it but also within it, while learning new things. But, what I mostly like is the fact that you need to set goals endlessly. Things alter constantly and you should be ready to face each situation or better yet anticipate it. 

What is thinking out of the box for you?

-I am always trying to think and act by prioritizing the brand’s needs I am working on at the time. That’s why in our office we work in a specific way following a precise process analyzing and elaborating data of each and every one of our projects. That helps us discover the brand’s needs and properly apply our strategic plan to the design and communication process. Everything should be under total control; from the way of thinking to the strategy of our design and brand communication process. Different approaches are always ‘welcome’ as long as they serve the brand’s needs appropriately.

The Economic Crisis. Is it something that makes us better people or is just a lie we use to tell ourselves? 

-Personally, I believe that the crisis makes us more conscious, because we face situations that take us out of our comfort zones. We become stronger and more willing to take actions that lead us to development. In general, it has a positive impact on us as we are now better at what we do and we can evaluate some of the values that were about to vanish. As a professional, I now follow a specialist process that helps my job be more productive and I feel happy about making these changes. As for being better people after the crisis, let the clients speak about that. 

The secret of being inspired?

-Love what you do. That can be an inspiration for everything in your life. Inspiration can be found in simple things such as drinking a cup of coffee, having a chat with other people, or creating a new project.

“Emotional connection”: How important is it for our collaborations after all?

-Emotional connection is at the center of everything; from family relationships to friendships, professional and personal relationships. Be coming emotionally connected with something means that it becomes part of your life and necessity in your daily routine.  That’s exactly what we aspire to for the brand and its potential consumers. The point is that the brand should keep its promises in order to be loved. Honesty is a value we set as a prerequisite as it’s necessary for us to achieve emotional connection.

What project made you really proud?

-Lots of them. I can’t actually discriminate between any of them because each of the projects is completely different from one another. Nevertheless, I would say that I am really happy when our clients are satisfied with our collaboration; proof that we have made a great effort for each project we undertake. That’s when I am really happy.  

“The customer is always right”: Truth or myth?

-The client definitely knows about the brand’s history, values and strengths. So, his role is extremely important according to the brand design process. I am completely aware of the clients’ needs and concerns for their brand’s and I totally support them. That is the proper time for us to get involved and try to guide the client through our cooperation in order for the brand to be designed and placed on the market. The client might tent to be distracted by looking at other brands' stories and style examples. Based on the best solution for every brand, we find ways that will make it known and also likable to its target audience. So, our duty is to create a balance between our own and our clients’ knowledge and opinions so both sides are relevant –as long as our purpose is a successful brand.

What is your own daily motivation, what makes you wake up and create so many amazing projects every time?

-Smiling no matter what. It’s not always easy to do, but at least I am trying. Being calm makes others think that everything is going to be all right and that you have everything under total control. When you feel happy you can do amazing things.

What makes a brand really successful from your point of view?

-We consider a brand which has clear values and aims to be successful. In order for such a brand to be created, long strategic research and proper brand communication are needed. Being loved by its target audience, the brand manages to have loyal customers.   

What project made your life really difficult?

-I wouldn’t call it a project, because behind each and every one of the projects there are humans. Nowadays, times are hard and people deal with difficult situations when it comes to the decision making about their brand’s development. I completely respect and understand them. A project can easily transform into a meeting, a beautiful conversation and eventually a brand when the participants share the same dream and everyone has a clear role in the team. Emotional connection, means that people need time to trust us.

Do brands need social media in order to be successful? We see a lot of new brands that focus on their social media presence a lot. 

-Exposure on social media is, of course, necessary but we should not limit our communication strategy to that. A brand should communicate through multiple channels to reach its target audience. Channel selection should always be based on each brand's unique character and needs. Social media can certainly reinforce the brand's presence in the consumer's world, but that alone doesn't ensure success.

Do you believe that “business is about people”?

-I do believe it. Everything happens from peopleand for people. What I am trying to do is to maintain clear roles and relationships so every one works well and with responsibility. When this happens things become easier as a matter of course. Neither an easy task nor unfeasible nonetheless. 

Your next business goals? 

-Keep on doing my job even better than I have been doing for 21 years. I always like to find new methods that increase our productivity and see my colleagues happier than they are. When it comes to me,I believe that the greatest achievement at the end of the day is going to bed worry-free.