1.First of all, its our pleasure  having this conversation with you. So, frankly we would like to know about your own music journey, when did it start?

-It’s my pleasure too, thank u so much for having me. Well, my journey as a songwriter began only several years ago at the age of 27. I always wanted to create my own songs but I was very insecure and scared to death. Somewhere around 2011 I had no job as an actor and no money so i stayed home, grabbed my guitar and started mumbling melodies in gibberish.  At first I wrote some really horrible songs but after a while I was very excited that I was able to create music that I could resonate with. For the first time in my entire life I enjoyed the process of something without really care about the result of it.

2. Do you believe ''crisis'' is a tough motivation for someone who wants to do ''things'' , or it's just a silly  optimistic point of view?

-I do believe that nothing can stop someone who has a burning desire to create something and make a difference in the world. Nor crisis neither  bad coincidences.  I mean even at ‘good times of prosperity’ shit happens all the time. You know, it’s just life. I wrote a lyric in a song that I haven’t yet released : Failure (and life’s obstacles) is the yellow brick road.

3. Do you think there's light in the end of the tunnel for Greece?

-There is light within us and all around us not only in the end of the tunnel and not only for Greece. Refugees from Syria suffer hardships that we can’t even imagine. But I do believe that light is all we’re made of as a species, so in the end our divinity will prevail.

4. A group or an artist you would like to work together?

-Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hardy, Madonna, James Franco and the list goes on..

5. The best things in life are.........?

The best thing in life is life itself. To be alive. To be whole in the here and now and to taste everything that any given moment has to offer. I think that a lot of pain in our lives comes from the stubborn idea that some moments are more important than others. We postpone to live in the moment waiting in vain for some ideal better tomorrow. But the clock is ticking all along.

6. Where do you get your inspiration from?

-I can get inspiration from very different stimuli. Our daily lives are full of surprises if we have the curiosity to pay attention to the seemingly trivial moments. For example I hear the conversations that strangers have when I am at the metro station. I’ve heard the most unbelievable stories this way and actually made songs a couple of them.

7. What is Greece to you?

-Greece is the country I was born in. I love and respect my country as any other country in the world. Every one of them has it’s own unique history. Sometimes in the name of love of our own country we begin to overestimate our glorious uniqueness and underestimate other nations’ which is the root of chauvisism and wars all over the world. History has plenty of such examples.  It really annoys me when I hear things like MY country, MY religion. We have to celebrate our diversity; not turn it into an alibi for conflict.

8.Your best city spots ...are..?

-I do love the tiny spots in Athens. One of my favorite is a French café Petit fleur.  But I can’t compare anything with the warmth of my own home.

9.Theater? Music? Or just two big loves you can't get enough?

-Self-imposed dilemmas are for the narrow-minded people. And I don’t wanna be one. I love them both equally. Both are about expression through art. Acting for me is the proof that we can be whoever we want to be. Through the characters i play I have the privilege to realize that as human beings we are all unique and the same.  Now music for me is the language of the mystery. You know, you can’t solve a mystery but you can make it a song.

10.Finally, are we all acting, are we all wearing masks pretending to be someone else? 

-We are all seeking our place in this inexplicably mad and wonderful world. Along this path we ‘wear’ many different selves until we become who we are really meant to be. That process is divine. It’s called evolution. We are powerful creators of our own tiny personal universe. Well…  some of us are having a really tough time until we become our best self. But the key words are understanding and compassion. If we have those virtues for ourselves, we will have them for our brothers too.