Our toys are made of dreams in a beautiful corner of the planet, Greece. We took our first creative steps in Ios, a small Cycladic island, where we lived for 4 years and drew inspiration from the Aegean Archipelago, for our first collection. We have recently moved the village of Ebrosneros in Apokoronas, Chania, Crete where we seek for unpretentious beauty in the untamed nature and the rich cultural heritage that surround us. 

Our toys are strongly tied to the land where they are created and have a story to tell: travelling clouds, a red umbrella blown away by the wind, a tricycle with red helices, an adventurous little boat in the Aegean Sea, the first Autumn drops of rain, a little blue train that travels through imaginary landscapes upon nightfall, are elements of the stories we like to tell.

Imagination in playing

Our toys invite children and adults alike to a world open to imagination. They are envisioned as open-ended toys that offer endless possibilities for creative playing. Their form, colour and some unexpected yet functional elements, stimulate children’s imagination and promote their engagement in creating their own stories.

Educational value

When designing a new toy we look for simple technical solutions that offer to the child the joy of assembling the toy by practicing fine motor and cognitive skills. We use wooden joints instead of glue or screws. Thus, we do not provide a finished toy. Our toys arrive to you in pieces packed in their hand-made, eco-friendly, card-board boxes. In that way, the child is invited from the very first moment to see the assembly process as a game and be intrigued by the wooden, geometrical, coloured pieces that holds in his/her hands.

High-quality toys
Our toys are produced out of high-quality and, eco-friendly materials in a small scale, through an elaborate artisan process with respect to the environment.  All the parts of the toys are cut by hand, sanded and hand-painted with great attention to detail so as to be smooth to the touch, familiarizing children with the qualities of wood and those of a uniquely hand-crafted object.
All of our materials are carefully selected and of European provenience. The wood comes from FSC certified suppliers and the colours, varnish and glue are eco-friendly and free of harmful, toxic substances, conforming to the European Union guidelines for safety in toys (EN71/3).

A gift for kids meant to last forever
The toys of The Wandering Workshop are inspired, designed, and hand-crafted with love and an extra attention to detail that make them last and accompany children beyond childhood as long-lasting company.