Our philosophy:

Greece has always been a generous place. Culture, nature, light are some of the elements that Greece has gifted to humanity. Values like kindness, honour, charm are established in all forms of its culture, from ancient years, till tradition and modern art. Inspired by our heritage and our everyday light, we designed 'Gracious Greece' series. Our initiative was to create high quality useful art objects that at a first glance, they transmit simplicity and values, from this little place of earth.


Polkadot design studio creates graphic design and illustration.

It is an award winning studio that works internationally for Cultural Foundations, Editorial Design and Publishing Houses among others.

In 2016 with the collaboration of Plexiartshop, Polkadot design introduces a whole new series of high quality art objects that harmoniously combine tradition with modern art. Produced and manufactured in Greece by hand pulled silk screen method.