In the area of ​​Lagadas Thessaloniki, in the same area that is today , the production of dining chairs begins. The founders are trying to use their 50 years experience and their love for the wood and are planning an ambitious plan full off great effort, perseverance and faith in the Greek manufacturing capabilities.

Steady progress and development.      
Good collaborations, consistency and loyalty to the corporate vision, managed to set a solid foundation for the first steps. This way, the company quickly gained credibility to win the trust of its customers. In recent years additions in equipment that give it the ability to produce a wide range of furniture products for both home and professional use.

Quality in all details.           
Each new model that is added to the production line, brings the quality and passion of the people who’s working on it. Starting from the design with collaborating with Greek and other designers, continuing in production but also in communication, the plan that was designed, today yields and ranks "Anesis" among the leading furniture companies in Greece.

The "Anesis" products are designed and produced in Greece, following the European standards. The total of models covers a wide price range that makes them attractive to each category of consumers. The involvement in the field of special constructions on demand and on behalf of its customers, gives «Anesis» the flexibility required by constantly evolving international and domestic market.

For the coming years, the goal of the company is double. 
The most possible strengthening of the position in the domestic market but also the greatest expansion in foreign markets. The progress till now and the ‘Anesis’ people, are the guarantee of success in these new and ambitious goals.

Anesis, since 2001.