Seeking inspiration for her S/S 2021 collection, Daphne Valente takes a virtual trip around the Mediterranean, the sea that nurtured so many civilizations, searching for the feeling of stability we get when we go back to our roots.

Apart from the contemporary Greek style omnipresent in her collections, Daphne is focusing on comfort, the snug feeling we get while walking barefoot on the sand, while the sea breeze blows through our hair, or when we dive into the emerald waters of the Aegean. The pleasures that Greece, our beautiful country offers us lavishly, but unfortunately, we take for granted since we tend to forget that earth is just our host and we have absolutely no right to destroy it.

Daphne borrows from the mosaics in Delos, the spiral, symbol of spiritual development and the rhombus, symbol of balance. Her sculptural pleated designs are formed using repeats of the two antique images, in a palette of earthy and marine pigment colors traditionally used in Byzantine paintings.

This inspired, dynamic and timeless collection is complemented by pleated bags, sandals and eye-catching jewellery made from recycled PET materials, while the fabrics she uses carry the certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, which guarantees their ecological status.

‘Back to the roots’ collection, is now more relevant than ever, presenting for the 200 years Anniversary of the Greek revolution, a contemporary, minimal expression of Greek design.

Photography: Christos Predoulis

Styling, Makeup, Hairstyle: Thalia Tzanetis (Thalia Tzanetis Lab)

Model: Angeliki Tsionou (ACE Models)

Video & Original Music: Raphael Samaras

Graphic Design: Sophia Apostolopoulou


3-5 Axarlian Street,Athens 105 63, Greece

Tel: +30 210 3242260|

E-mail:[email protected]