The dairies 'Dafni' specializes in the production of traditional dairy products. In 1974 George Mpakoulas and his wife Anna due to their particular origin and because of their love for the Greek countryside, Greek agriculture and for the Greek traditional products started producing dairy products with the greek traditional methods and procedures. 
The knowledge of the "secrets" of processing  pure milk which was inherited due to their origin and the 100% Greek Fresh Sheep's Milk that they used, led them to the production of dairy products of unparalleled quality, unique taste and high nutritional value. These specific  characteristics were those which initially attracted the first clients to Mr. Mpakoulas and DAFNI  and  then created a fan base of Dafni's products. 
In 2010 Dimitris Mpakoulas son of George Mpakoulas took over the business after his successful  graduation in Biological Applications and Technologies in the University of Ioannina. Dimitris adheres to the philosophy of his parents while progressing  "Dafni" and makes it technologically fully competitive. 
Today, following the same recipe for success 'Dafni' continues to have  its enthusiastic  customers and it is becoming  more and more recognizable to the general public. Despite the disproportionate and unequal growth of multinational dairy companies and the supernumerary quantity of dairy products that are produced , Dafni adheres to the production of high quality products with excellent taste. This fact makes Dafni's dairy products fully competitive and  kept the demand high all these years. 
The products we produce on a daily basis are: Yogurt, Rice Pudding, Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Ice Cream. Their common denominator is the 100% Greek Fresh Sheep's Milk, Traditional manufacturing process and rich flavor. 
The Certification of the company  with ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005 / HACCP for Distribution Marketing Production of Dairy products ensures the quality and the method of production of all products produced  by fresh milk. 
Dafni  is currently able to distribute and export limited quantities of products ordered.