Keep palm and be sunkissed... This expression kinda sums up what Vandazzz is all about, a resort collection created with the girl with the sunkissed skin in mind. The palmtree logo is a constant reminder of the laid-back attitude of an eternal summer. In love with the ocean, water-sports and overall beach life, we want to be in aloha mode at all times! 
Vanda grew up in a textile business family environment and her toys were mainly leftover pieces of fabric which magically dressed her barbie dolls to the nines! She only, momentarily, became the lawyer with the salty skin just to speed-quit that career for something more creative and true to her character. She makes clothes for the girl with the messy surf hair who looks amazing no matter what! Our dresses and kaftans are an ideal beach attire, that can easily transform into memorable party pieces... Our palmtrees logo jewelry are reminiscent of good times and are worn as inspiration to always seek happiness in our everyday lives. Throw down or dress up, resort-wear is not restricted for vacation, one can enjoy vandazzz in the city, just throw on a jacket over one of our dresses and head to the office, now if you make a u-turn and hit the beach you can just blame us!