I was born in Athens in 1964 .I created my first designs at my school years and it was then that I decided to take up Art.
I got my first lessons in jewellery from the Sculptress Janin Baet and the jeweller Nikos Nafpliotis and in drawing and painting from the artist Vrasidas Vlahopoulos.
I attended Middlesex University in London and received a BA ( Honours) degree ( First Class) in Jewellery . 
I took glyptography lessons in Athens ( EOMMEX) and from 1998-2000 I went to Montgomery College of Art in Maryland, USA, where I got a diploma in Silversmithing ang enamelling. 
I also attended many seminars on various jewellery techniques (Kumboo,photoeching etc) with well known USA artists Professor Komelia o’ Kim , Douglas Zaruba, Cathy Cohen and and Alan Revere. One of the most interesting seminars was at the Arrowmont School of Arts in Tennessee where I was taught spectacle frame design and construction ( hand made).

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