Ikreate is a design studio founded in 2012. Our vision is to provide forms combined from the current of Architecture, Design and Computation, experimenting with computational techniques in the field of generative design. Our work focuses the design and production of conceptual and contemporary products, using fabrication techniques both algorithmic and physical tools. We are attracted by the idea of giving life to designs and models.

Our passion for technology and different materials, give us the opportunity to come out with interesting, unconventional ideas. Some of the techniques we use, are engaged to parametric research, both in the natural and physical forms. Current projects include the design of jewellery, lighting, sculptures, home decoration and gifts. We use rapid prototyping methods due to the unique and complex geometries we work with.

Customers can personalize their own creations, either through their own 2D or 3D models, or by working closely with us to create a design based on their own wishes. Our studio is open to new ideas and proposals, any requested or personalised products are always acceptable.

Our future aspirations concentrate on the field of media whilst creating interactive art installations in the digital environment. We explore the ability of developing applets, where customers can personalize their own creations, using the specific parameters available for each project.