Magnetic Scent is an independent perfume house based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It was founded by its perfumer Dr. S. Drosopoulos. At the basis of Magnetic Scent lies the desire to make truly unique scents with enormous attention to detail. We want the scents to breathe quality and individuality, and endow the wearer with a magnetic attraction. We seek to explore new ground, using rare and uncommon ingredients or unusual combinations in the blends. But this is not all, the effort we put into the scents has to be reflected in how they come across. A lot of work has been put in making sure the packaging complements and completes each scent. To assure this high level of quality we insist on producing everything ourselves. From the development of the formulas and the bottling, to the design and assembly of the packaging, all is done by us, by hand and with utmost care. We hope you enjoy the result of our efforts.

You can find them at in Athens.