I was very young when I first came into contact with soap-making. My beloved grandmother 
Irene allowed me to follow her to our basement, where she set the cauldron on fire, and then 
begun, slowly and by following a specific method, to make hand-made soap bars. at first I didn't 
understand much, but with the time I was initiated into the secrets of making soap. She used to 
say that this formula is easy to learn, and has always been transmitted from generation to generation.

In the old days there were no shower gels, cream soap and shampoos with which to enjoy one's 
bath, and of course stay clean and fresh. Soap was the only item used for personal cleanliness. 
Don't imagine anything very special: a white bar of soap, without any particular scent.

Grandma however was a very progressive woman for her time, and kept coming up with ideas 
about how to perfume her soap. She did not live to see her ideas put into practice, but after 
she passed away I decided to continue the traditional art of soap-making, incorporationg certain 
scents in order to make the soap more accessible to people today.

   At our birthplace, Archontiki, Rethymno, we have set up a small enterprise manufacturing 
soap. It uses the olive as raw material, and follows grandma's traditional formula.

Our love for our native land and its tradition encourage us to try and preserve the style and 
character of our soap products over time, transmitting our knowledge to the next generations.

                                                                                                  Granddaughter Angela