1.What makes you paint? Is it something you wanted to do from your childhood?
-  I paint since I was a child. At school I wasn’t the best student. My paintings were something I was proud of. Art, helps me express myself mentally and emotionally.
2.What is your inspiration mostly?
-A detail can inspire me in a picture as much as the paintings of other artists, the everyday life, dreams, human existence and feelings.
3.Do you think that in Greece has options for the artists? Do you think people will appreciate art more, now , in the middle of crisis?
- Greece has limited choices for artists, compared to artists living abroad as education about art is lacking, especially today. It’s difficult to ignore these conditions, in which we live today, which affect artistic creativity and acceptance of art. There is a perception that art is not necessary. There is a general depreciation. However, some, continue to resist daily difficulties, create and express their truth.
4.Your favorite painter...and why?
There  are many artists who I like, the Bokoros for example or Rorris... their paintings inspire me. or even Klimt from the earlier artists. From him I “steal” gold colour. They have a unique personal style.
5.what is the message you want to send through your paintings? Whats your ''stigma'' as an artist?
 I present a series of works, created during the last 5 years. My painting style is anthropocentric, dominated by earthy colors, it is a continuous search of materials and technique. At the same time, I try to express my personal style. What you can expect from me is a creative continuity and an effort for fruitful progress/development...