The Idea

Generous sun, deep blue sea, people laughing and hugging around a long table filled with goodies of the Mediterranean diet. Golden olive oil and precious wine….This is the beauty of Greece!

Just wonder… What if consumers all around the world could embrace Greek products? What if through their sales we could provide food to the homeless and support charitable institutions or non-profit organizations that help children and the elderly?

What if we could promote the benefits of Mediterranean diet and make a significant social contribution, by helping those who are in need, through an organized effort?

This is how the idea of Wise Greece was born…

Wise Greece

Wise Greece is a non-profit organization that promotes selected Greek products, through the sales of which, we manage to raise money and buy food for those who are in need.

Through this effort we are aiming to globally increase consumers’ awareness, so that they will embrace these products, follow and integrate Mediterranean diet in their daily lives and foremost support our cause.

Therefore, by purchasing any of the bottles or jars with a Wise Greece sticker, you are helping us to ensure that the basic food needs of vulnerable groups of people can be covered. You are instantly becoming an active link of a “wise” cause.

After all, the logo of Wise Greece is inspired by the Athenian tetradrachm which was depicting an owl as the symbol of wisdom…


Wise Greece selects the best Greek products and places them in new points of sale in Greece and abroad. Through a set of concerted efforts, Wise Greece promotes the products and the benefits of Mediterranean diet, in order to raise awareness and warm support from every responsive consumer.

Producers give a percentage of their sales to Wise Greece, in order to cover the basic food needs of Charitable Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations which support homeless, children and the elderly.

Greece is a “big warm hug” and becomes a part of a global “wise move”, to cover the most essential commodity for those in need… food!