1.Your collection is excellent. Whats your inspiration?

My inspiration from the beginning is the woman herself. Every woman around me. Who wants to be chic and comfortable, sophisticated and sexy, attractive and feminine in every aspect of her life. I focus on her only. And how she could play with fashion refreshment –while working, dancing, flirting– with fine clothing and accessories in an affordable way… to celebrate her feminity.

2. You started your own business in the middle of crisis. Why?

I am in the fashion industry for over 20 years –styling and trading– and I catch the lack of fresh and fashionable feminine clothing in an affordable scale. There is a market demand for fresh products of fine quality, in competitive prices and at the same time not massive. Crisis can be a period of chances, during which new needs arise… and new ideas and concepts provide the solutions to these needs. When these solutions are perceived, people, teams reinvent themselves and work hard to meet the new demands. To overcome and move forward.

3. Are you an optimist person? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually?

Always an optimist. Life is light by itself so there is nothing else but light in the end of the tunnel!

4. What is Greece to you?

My roots and lots of love for people and the place itself that I can hardly live without.

5. Share with us a perfect restaurant in Thessaloniki, a place you would propose to your friend from abroad...

Thessaloniki is a great place for gastronomy pleasures. Many delightful experiences await a new visitor. Being a sea lover I would mostly propose any place by the sea with the smell of fresh fish and a glass of fine wine.

6. Five things of Greece you cant live without?

Family, friends, sun, food... the way of living. There is a unique, uplifting atmosphere that makes life a happy and wonderful journey.

7. What are your next bussiness goals?

There is a clear vision of expanding in Greece and abroad. And this is a step by step pathway. Every step reveals the next one.

8. A chic woman in her closet should always have....?

A black dress, a sexy dress, a leather jacket and high heels.

9. Your perfect winter holidays in Greece should be in.......?

An island. Although beautiful mountains in Greece I adore the sea… even during winter! When it changes colours and gets wild and dark with big grey clouds… I find it very romantic and inspiring.

10. The secret of being so sexy, creative and shinny like you? Tell us the secret!

Feeling free to express yourself. Daring. Finding yourself. Flirting life!