Thalia Papadopoulou answers in 10 questions...


1.what is greece to you?

My shelter, my mother’s womb. No matter what happens, I will always feel protected and safe in Greece.


2.tell us one place we should go this summer in GREECE?

Nisiros I believe. Its the place I really wanted to visit this summer, but I can’t, so can someone PLEASE go and tell me how it was? Thanks!


3.the best things in life are.........

…. related to the feelings of passion and love.


4.what songs are the soundtrack of your life?

It would have to be the complete discography of “The Doors”.


5.hungry?in which resto you should take your friend from abroad??

“Kappari” at Ano Petralona. Its almost addictive. Great greek cuisine with a twist.


6.a hotel that made you feel like home?.

Hotels rarely create a home-like feeling to me, since I only use them to sleep. But, I pay great attention to the behavior of people working at hotels. In that respect, “Thimaras” Hotel on Spetses is really really nice and cosy and the staff is extra kind.


7.your next trip will be ..where?

Hopefully Mani. I love driving and want to have a roadtrip down there with (fingers crossed) lots of adventure and stories to tell.


8.your secret of having a great time..tell it now..

Being with friends I love. And feeling carefree.


9. five things of greece you cant live without?

Eternal summer, long walks at the Athens centre (no matter what), the Acropolis (yes, I do love the sight of it every morning), good looking men.(i agree Thalia!)


10. which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

It would have to be Filopappos Hill. It is amazing how, although in the middle of the city centre, once you get on it, you feel as if you have transferred somewhere out of space and human time. I simply love it..........