• What is Greece to you?

-Colors like the sun and the sand of the sea .The aromas and flavors from all over the country .


-Tell us one place we should go this winter in Greece.

-in my favourite hometown, Samos, of course !


 The best things in life are........?

-Dining with my family, my good friends, good wine and appetizers outside ...even if it's raining...


 What songs are the soundtrack of your life?

-''I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith''...


 Hungry?in which resto you should take your friend from abroad?

- Of course at the restaurant where I work. At Nikolas of Shinoussas in Glyfada! To try my own creations with fresh seafood and fish!


 A hotel that made you feel like home?

-At Ano Lehonia of Pelion, the Mansion of TSAKNAKI .


 Your next trip will be ..where?

- In Prigipo Turkey ... to discover the stories/events that my grandmother had experienced when she lived there..


 Your secret of having a great time..tell it now!

-The secret is the support of my family and friends in whatever I do wherever I go.


 Five things of greece you can t live without ..

-The sea and the mountains. The tastes and smells. Whatever hardship a Greek may face, they stay strong and face the problem.


 Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

-Getting lost in the narrow streets of Gounari street in Piraeus!


(Tsilias Stamatis is a young and creative chef that loves to create modern flavours on the greek cuisine!)