“Shedia” is the newest member of the International Network of Street Paper(INSP,www.streetpapers.org).Street publications are independent newspapers and magazines that provide unique employment opportunities for people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Vendors buy copies at a price of 50% or lower than the cover price, then sell them, keeping the proceeds. In addition to employment, many INSP members offer their vendors ongoing social support. It is a unique employment opportunity, enabling the world's most disadvantaged people to earn a dignified income and rebuild their lives. In addition, it is a long-term tool for social transformation that connects people across harmful social barriersand advocates for the needs and rights of people living in poverty.Initially, “Shedia’ is distributed –through its ever growing network of vendors- solely in the streets of the Greek capital. Subscriptions are available to people living outside the distribution network.By the end of the year (2013), as scheduled, ‘Shedia’ will be distributed in Thessaloniki(Greece’s second largest city) as well as other Greek cities, reaching out for more people in need.