Repower Greece is an international public diplomacy campaign that seeks to confront the world’s negative perceptions of Greece and her people. It is rooted in our conviction that redefining Greece and restoring our credibility should not rely on a superficial rebranding or changing of mottos, but rather on clear messages and facts that justify our commitment to work diligently, forge solutions and move forward with a renewed result-oriented mindset.Repower Greece is crafting these messages out of the ingenuity and creativity that abound, as they are reflected in stories from key sectors of our economy, education and civil society.Through a variety of discussion events and programs with academic institutions, community organizations and think tanks across the world, these stories offer clear evidence that Greece is not the failures or special interests of the few but rather the talents and achievements of the many.

Repower Greece is a volunteer grassroots initiative open to everyone, designed in such a way that any public or private organization, academic institution, company or media can join the campaign and spread the word to their own network.Originally conceived and developed by a small team who blended their ideas and expertise to serve a common purpose, Repower Greece has been embraced by esteemed partners from the academic, institutional and entrepreneurial field. It is coordinated by the Institute for Regional Dialogue & Strategy and FORESIGHT Communications in Athens and RepowerGreece Inc. a not-for-profit organization in New York.