What is Greece to you?

-This is my birth country, it s very dificcult to live in Greece and particurarly in Athens right now because of the crisis , this place is beautiful and it’s not easy for us to choose leaving..

Tell us one place we should pick for our next summer holidays. 

-I think I' ll pick Lefkas,I ve been there so many times .The beaches are extraordinary and have this amazing turquoise colour .You can visit some beautiful mountain villages  and the food is really great !!

The best things in life are.........?

-Good friends! -

Hungry? In which resto you should take your friend from abroad??

-For sure in Psirri area and Exarchia ,a place with good ''tsipouro'' and traditional tastes!

A hotel that made you feel like home?.

-My holiday budget is always low ,there are so many small local business that you can support . I would recommend Antiparos camping .You will meet a variety of people of different ages ,backrounds and preferences .They large food portions .It s near the town you can walk there.I had a great time and I will definitely visit the island again.

Your next trip will be ..where?

- I would like to visit Samothraki ,I ve never been there before , and I hear so many things about this island ,not only for the wild natural beauty but for its energy as well.

Your secret of having a great time....Tell it now..

-My positive attitude and good company

Five things of Greece you can't live without?

-The beaches and the food.....

The favorite spot of the city?

-The historical center of Athens has everything that a town can provide you.You can find any kind of restaurant there like traditional tavernas,foreign cuisine,greek fast food.There are aso many theaters ,bars ,pubs, snack bars..