1.what is greece to you?

Its the land my ancestors were born,my family,me and my child...and i really love it..

2.tell us one place we should go this summer in GREECE?

Antiparos..Pure magic!

3.the best things in life are.........

Life its self..to live with people you love...thats the reason i give an every day fight..

4.what songs are the soundtrack of your life?

Songs full of strong feelings...passion..music that can make me travel...

5.hungry?in which resto you should take your friend from abroad??

''Kavos'' outside the area of Isthmia of Korinthos..the best food i ve ever tasted!

6.a hotel that made you feel like home?

i have never felt a hotel like home...

7.your next trip will be ..where?

I hope one day i will be able to visit Butan..for me its a lifetime journey!

8.your secret of having a great time..tell it now..

With simple things..but most of all... having time with my family!

9. five things of greece you cant live without?

Sea...Sun...friends...family..my village..

10. which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

The sunny sports club. www.sunnyclub.gr

i love it!!



(Kostas Krommydas is one of the most talented actors in Greece and now a well known writer.His last book ''I zoi pou elipe-The miising life'' its one of the best sellers.)