What a girl like you was doing in Italy?

-I decided to follow my boyfriend who was studying in Rome and it was the best choice I could have ever made..

 ''www.serialklother.com''. How did it started?

-After started sharing my daily outfits in www.lookbook.nu i needed my own space where i could share and express all my experiences and thoughts.. This is how my "baby" SerialKlother was bοrn..

Your secret of success....was?...

-I definately  have to say the fact that i was "true"  and kind with my followers and that i never forgot that without them i would have never made my dream come true..

With most of them i have daily communication and i consider them truly my friends..

-Did you ever ''hated'' something a big company gave you to wear, but as a  professional, you just accepted it?

-."Hated" is a very strong word.. Hate no, but dislike yes.. At the beggining when the proposals for collaborations were not that many as today,  yes i did.. but not any more..

Are you optimist about the times we are living?

- Yes I am..I have a personal moto "cheat on your sadness".. Everyday i am trying to keep that in mind and do whatever I can to forget about problems..

A Greek fashion designer you adore?

-Really hard to tell.. there are so many....Mary Katrantzou, Melis by Laskos, Samantha Sotos, MiRo..

What a woman should always have in her closet?

-A white shirt..

Your favorite fashion bloggers from abroad are...?

- StyleScrapBook by Andy Torres, TheBlondeSalad by Chiara Ferragni, Stockholm Streetstyle Caroline's Mode, Olivia Palermo.

What a blog should have to be succesful?

-In my personal opinion..Be inspiring in every possible way and good photography.

What is Greece to you?

-Greece is where i grew up and made me what i am today.. Greece is everything.. It may not be perfect but it is my home.. And there is nowhere like home..