1.What is Greece to you? Its just the feeling of a sunny place,or its something more than that?

 Greece is my home, my country and i think i could never live no where else! Some times, i feel i dont know all the wonderful places and i would really like to travel a lot and taste all the great tastes we have! 

2. You seem so relaxed , chic and cool when you cook on TV. Are you in the same mood when you cook at home ?

Cooking on camera has nothing to do with home cooking! Some times people think i seem so relaxed but because of ''on air stress'' i dont think i look cool evey time! Actually i cant' make big ''moves'' and suppot the whole cooking concept with my body...At home i am totally dedicated to this so i am more relaxed...believe me! 

3. Imagine... Very famous people sit on a table and wait for your menu. Who are the lucky ones??

 Well i would like to cook fo Leonard Cohen ,i would like him to be so pleased from my cooking, that he will sing a song for me! Woody Allen also  in the same table-because  of his clever kind of humor- Robert Downey Junior because he is soo...sexy, and Al Pacino because after dinner i would propose him to dance tango with me....

4. What are the things you would like to change in a typical greek restaurant?

 Not much...I believe we have so many awesome restaurants, and eveyone can find something that suits his taste, or lifestyle. But ''good food'' is not enough anymore. Decoration is very important, the music, the energy, everything!

5. Hungry? A restaurant you would take you friends from abroad?

I can't really choose! I have many of them that i really like. If i wanted italian food i would take them to ''Facce Strane'', if i wanted a glamorous place i would choose ''Food and Wine'', but for homemade burger, i would send them to eat at SQ.

6. Your next business goals are....?

 First of all,i want to be 100% professional in any concept i deal with, that's very important for me. I try always for the best, and i like to do things in a positive way. I am also always open in new collaborations, and recently i took charge of marketing and communication field in LKC, a company that brings in Greece 3 wonderful drinks (Aspall, Edinburgh Gin, Sheep Dip Malt Whisky) and i really want them to be ''talk of the town '' for this summer! 

7 You favorite place for your summer vacations?

Spetses island.. I go every summer, since i was 14, a lot of memories and pictures...A like a lot of islands, but i consider Spetses as my home..

8. You secret of having a great time? Tell it now!

I want to hang around with people i appeciate, basically i want the right people next to me.I am really optimist and  i enjoy every day of my life, so my positive way of thinking helped me a lot dealing with any  difficulties  found in my path.

9. Five things of Greece you couldn't really live without?

Sea, sun, good food, greek landscapes and laughter...

10 .If i asked you to cook for me.. what's the menu that would leave me speechless?

Cooking for the people i like,well.. i want to make them smile and enjoy evey bite! I want them to discover the secret of my recipe...I would cook you squid stuffed with rice, or meatballs with rice! My own comfort food!


(Emmanuela...that's my favorite dishes also...Thank you!)