Eleonora Kanaki Fashion, Beauty & Features Editor answers in 10 questions..


-What is Greece to you?

Greece is the most beautiful place in the world. Greece is sun, sea, blue, culture, history, meraki… Greece is my home.


-Tell us one place we should go this summer in GREECE

Antiparos and Patmos

-The best things in life are...

Real friends and family. Love… and everything that makes you smile.


-What songs are the soundtrack of your life? 

- Jessie Ware, Wildest Moments

- Mazzy Star, Fade Into You

- Roisin Murphy, Overpowered

- Desire, Under Your Spell

- Across the Universe, All my Loving

- Diana Krall, The Look of Love

- Des’ree, Kissing You

- Lana Del Rey, Blue Jeans

- Timi Yuro, As Long As There is You

- Moby, Beautiful


-Hungry? In which resto you should take your friend from abroad??

Thessaloniki: The "B." (Veta) restaurant (http://www.brestaurant.gr), Mavri Thalassa (http://mavrithalassa.gr/) and Mikraki.


-A hotel that made you feel like home?

Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses Island and Sunset Deseo in Antiparos Island.


-Your next trip will be ..where? 

Naxos and Spetses


Your secret of having a great time..tell it now.. 

Loving yourself. The company of your best friends. Feeling free. Keep dreaming.Travelling!


-Five things of Greece you cant live without.




Greek food

The Greek tamperamento


-Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

The port of Thessaloniki, in front of the bar restaurant Kitchen Bar.