1. What is Greece to you?

It is some contradiction in terms, I think. It is rather a place (an idea would some romantic souls say) where the abstract meets the unbelievable (under any sense). It is actually the spot on the planet where you may experience how it is to be at a paradisiacal and at an infernal oasis at the same time. I told you, it is a contradiction in terms.

2. Tell us one place we should go this winter in GREECE.

It would be any place on the Northern borderline of the country. Small villages throughout Thrace, Macedonia and Epirus, with snowy environs, hot springs, mysterious yet friendly people and, of course, great food is what one may find or discover there.

3. The best things in life are...

…not things (ok, I’m quoting, so to speak, a TV commercial). Well, one part of me says that are family and friends. The other part says the same, but adds music, traveling, photography and books. Ok, I would add cigarettes and chocolate as well, but that’s another story, isn’t it?

4. What songs is the soundtrack of your life?

The “Ok Computer” album by Radiohead, everything Dionisis Savvopoulos has written so far and finally “All my little words” by the Magnetic Fields just for it contains the word “unboyfriendable”.

5. Hungry? In which resto you should take your friend from abroad?

In Athens, that would be either “Osterman” or “Salero”, I think. But the places change every other month…

6. A hotel that made you feel like home?

It was one in Izmir, but I cannot recall its name.

7. Your next trip will be... where?

We will always have Amsterdam.

8. Your secret of having a great time… tell it now…

Friends, photography, gigs, what? Not enough? Well, the secret would be in having free time in the first place. Free time must be great, otherwise it isn’t either free or great, right?

9. Five things of Greece you can’t live without.

I would go for a cliché answer here: the people, the light, the waters, the smell of the houses and the food. Sometimes, some of the abovementioned turn into things I should live without.

10. Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

It is definitely the huge hug that includes Kerameikos, Thissio, Monastiraki, Plaka, Kolokotroni str., Exarcheia and Kolonaki. The very city centre. This is something I can’t live without in Athens.

Dimitris Athinakis is copy-conceptionist and translator.And a poet. And a well known personality of Athens.)