Danai Papoutsi is an actress born in Athens. She studied drama at “Piraeus Union” and “Mary Vogiatzi-Tranga Drama School”. (2004)

Her acting career started at the “Vapheion Theater” with Euripides’s Medea by the “Prosodia” theatrical group founded by Lakis Karalis. As an constant member of “Prosodia” she also appeared at You talk about him (2009). She has worked with “Theater Technis” (Howl of Love), Theater under the bridge” (Lorca’s Yerma) “Knossos Theatre” (The Gap, Euripides’s Helen ),and Andigones play in the title role as Andigone of Sophocles.

The article of New York Times about Andigones performance : http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/15/arts/in-athens-art-blossoms-amid-debt-crisis.html?_r=2 In 2010 she participated  at the 24 Hour Play project at the “Chora Theater”.Last two years (2011-2012) appeared at the “Theater of Kefallinias Street” in Alexis Stamatis’ play Dakrygona and Kill your Darlings(directed by Aris Troupakis) and at the “Epi Kolono Theater” at the play ‘’Gaza is…Survival lessons (directed by Mania Papadimitriou).In 2012 she participated in the theatrical bookstand of National Theater.She was also the presenter of the first TEDxAthens. (http://2010.tedxathens.com/team/).

In 2013 she adapted the novel "slow motion", (Kedros editions), and directed the show, which was presented at the skylight of the historic blue apartment building of the Exarchia square.She also collaborated with Eve Sussman at the video art project “The Rape of the Sabine women”. In 2006 she won the special prize for supporting actress at the “Vassilis Kotronis Festival of the Cinema of the Fantastic” for the short film At his commandments.Her first personal cd Tableau Vivant (music by Sakis Tsilikis) where she sings and has written the lyrics came out in 2010.

Her short story the “Station” was recognized at the “Greek Short story competition” (2010) and was published by Eleftheroudakis editions.

In December 2011 he published his first novel titled “Slow motion” by Kedros editions.

Now she is in shooting on film by Vassilis Mazomenos.