Constantina Mihail answers in "the 10 questions of Living-postcards"

1. What is Greece to you ?

Constantina- My country,for me, is totally described by the sunlight,the glorious sun,and the sea with the islands. My family and close friends. And its arts-especially the theatre-.

2. Tell us one place we should go this summer in GREECE..
Constantina-Hundred of islands for various of personalities and many beaches all around Greece and nice small villages up to the mountains. I would suggest the Peloponesse. Different colours,lots of beaches, splendid landscapes and the ancient theatre of Epidaurus.
3. What songs has the sountrack of your life? 
Costantina-The soundrack of my life has lots of greek music like Manos Hatzidakis and Mahler and some dance music...
4. Hungry?in which resto you should take your friend from abroad??
Constantina-Mylos in the Hilton hotel and some very nice tavernas with traditional greek food!
5. A hotel that made you felt like home..
Constantina-In the island of Aegina –"Rastoni"- and in Mykonos –"Theoxenia".
6. Your next trip will be...where?
Constantina-Next trip is gonna be in Constantinopole!
7. Your secret of having a great
Constanita- Lots of wine-Assyrtico Santorini’s- music and dance with good friends.
8. Five things of greece you cant live without ..
Constantina-My favourite islands and greek salad. Cherries and figs. Open-air summer cinemas.
9. Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?
Constantina-Around Acropolis and the museum. Plaka and Thission. Down town Athens.
10.Constantinas best things in life...
(well..this is something i will answer for her. "theatre,friends,sea.. and love"..i think she would agree with me..)
(Constantina played in "Red Lanterns" by Alekos Galanos this season,at "Rex theatre",one of the most succesfull theatrical plays of the year,and also in the excellent monologue "Sevas Hanoum",a story about a greek singer in the decade of 1950. She is one of the most talented and cultured actresses -TV Radio producers in Greece,but also a strong "persona"with many fans.)