Boroume (“we can”) is a social innovative start-up, based in Athens, Greece with the mission to reduce food waste and use it to support the most suitable beneficiaries, such as welfare institutions, soup-kitchens or municipal social services.
We are operating as a networking hub of donations and beneficiaries, bridging the communication gap that has been noticed in this field. We do not collect, store or distribute food. Having observed that a) almost no producer of food wishes to throw away his left-overs and b) in most cases he does not have the time to find possible recipients, Boroume takes over the process of finding the suitable recipient (in terms of actual needs and geographical proximity) and organizes the donation pick-up by the recipient himself, hence minimizing the effort of the donor to simply one phone call.
Since January 2012, Boroume is a non-profit organization and in its first operating year has managed to create hundreds of –often permanent- “bridges” between producers of food (restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, etc) and those who needed most. Functioning on this highly efficient, low-cost business model, over 5.000 portions of food are offered weekly to numerous orphanages, elderly homes, homeless shelters, soup-kitchens and similar institutions.