-I started writing children’s stories, at a very young age. Maybe 8 or 9 years old. I was the writer and illustrator at the same time, because as a kid, I liked drawing as well. My dream was to become a writer. When I grew up, I studied journalism. That was my main profession. I was writing in glossy magazines for women, about fashion, art and I was writing stories about interesting people. At the same time, I was working in 2 of the most famous radio stations in Greece, writing and telling the news. Moreover I was working as a speaker in TV and radio commercials.


-As the years passed, -hopefully-, I never gave up my dream and enthusiasm. I used to write ideas and short stories, but I kept them in the drawer. Until I met Achilles. My husband. He was the one that encouraged me to send my stories to a publisher. So, one day, I decided to follow his advice and went to the post office with a big envelope. After 3 months my phone rang. I was at work, in my office. It was a woman from the publisher’s office. She told me that they liked very much the story that I’ve sent them, and that they wanted to publish it. I was thrilled, I couldn’t believe it!


1) I was born and grew up in Athens. My parents descent, is from an island of the Cyclades, which is called Andros. My grandparents lived there and as a family, (my parents and my older sister), used to go there, during the Easter holidays and in the summer. Great memories!

2) I love the summer and the sea.

3) I love to travel with Achilles. My favourite city is Paris and New York. Favourite country, is Paris ans New York.

4) I love fashion..

5) I try to be optimist. I detest grumpiness.

6) I like creative people. People who dance, paint, write, people who chose to see the beauty in the world. People who express themselves through their art.

7) I also love cooking. I cook all the time trying new recipes. Cooking is an action of love and offer.

8) I believe in luck in combination with work

9) I collect snowglobes. I usually buy them in my travels.

10) I like great scents. Sometimes I wish I knew the art of Haute Parfumerie. To work in a famous perfume house in Paris and be one of those famous “noses” who invent great perfumes! What a dream!

“Who pulled the bath plug out of the sea?” (MINOAS, Editions)

Once upon a time there was a little cat, that lived with his parents in a beautiful seaside village with colorful houses. He was not, an ordinary cat. His grandparents were all heroes. So proud, he was, about his past. Therefore, he wanted himself to do something brave and glorious. That was his big dream. To be a hero! One day, a mermaid, confides in him, the big secret of life. A valuable map. All of a sudden, he realizes that it’s his chance, to show everyone that he is a hero. Will he manage to do that, or his big dream will end up in a disaster?


“The Little Gnomes and Princess Insomnia” (MINOAS, Editions)

Have you ever thought how children sleep? All the adults know the answer, except the children, of course. In a dreamy village, lost in the countryside of France, they live the gnomes. A bunch of magical little creatures that lull children and babies every night, with their magical lullabies. Unfortunately, gnomes have an enemy. Princess Insomnia. A cranky and peevish young lady that never sleeps. To be accurate, she hasn’t slept for years! She hates sleep, pillows, alarm clocks and good night kisses. So, she finds a sneaky way and traps the gnomes. What will happen next? Is there anyone who can save the magical little creatures? And if her plan succeeds, will we all lose our sleep?


e-mail: bili_stef@yahoo.gr