The Non Profit Organization BE STRONG, was founded on 4th October 2007, and setting as main goal the factual information about topics that refer to cancer illness, the prevention and also the support to all people that are involved with cancer. The vision of BE STRONG is a future, where all will have equivalent access in the information and the support needed, in order to face the cancer with certainty and without guilt that follows his name because of the phobic ideas that the society possess towards him! Inspirator and founder of the Organization BE STRONG, is Panagiotis Michail ( ). Through his own experience with cancer, he realized that cancer patients, families and friends of them, have great need for reliable - current information, practical advices and support. All these are basic tools that shield the patient and those who they surround him, in order to face the cancer without fear! Monday, January 18th, 2010, marked the beginning of our call line, via the 4-digit number 1069. Manned by professional psychologists and social workers, the support call-line aims to provide psychosocial support to both patients and their loved ones. It is the only existing help and support line for people with cancer in existence in Greece so far. More than 4,500 people have called the help line to this day, receiving advice and support from our qualified professionals. Our organization also offers information, guidance and support via our website . The website came to be in January of 2008, and is considered the most up-to-date website regarding cancer today. Best on Google analytics, the website has received over 2,5 million unique visitors to this date. Our on-line chat feature has received over 500 visitors. Finally, our healthcare professionals have answered more than 300 e-mails from people affected by cancer. We have also created a communication platform for our online community, which numbers about 1,000 members. This includes a forum, blogs, live chat and messaging, connecting and providing personal interaction between people affected by cancer in all parts of Greece In 2010, “Be Strong” was awarded the Mention of Honour 2010 by the European School of Oncology, within its Cancer on the Internet competition. The European School of Oncology concluded that the quality of the information provided to the Greek cancer community deserved recognition. “Be Strong” is a non-profit organization, meaning that we are mainly supported by our donors and fund-raising events. Our next goal is the foundation of the first Cancer Survivors Wellness Center in Greece.