Artemis Kalantzakou  communication consultant, answers in 10 questions.
-What is Greece to you?
-My memories, my home, my son, my friends and family,my work, my life. My paradise and sometimes my hell (depending on the traffic and not only..)
-Tell us a place we should go in Greece..
-Patmos Island!
-The best things in life:
-Actually they are not things: love, Care, relax, creativity, positive friends, smiles and hugs..
-What song has the soundtrack of your life?
-Nouvelle Vague, In a manner of speaking
Lykki Li, I follow rivers
 Madrugada, What's on your mind 
Robbie Williams, my way,
 9th of Bethoven -Ode to joy
-Hungry? In which resto you should take your friend from abroad?
-Hytra Bar Restaurant on the roof garden of the Onassis Cultural Center Athens, 107-109, syngrou avenue (in a very accessible spot). It is a very elegant, super designed  place with a unique view of the Acropolis and a wonderful innovative greek cuisine (it's a Michelin starred restaurant).
-A hotel that made you feel like home?
-Costa navarino, which is located in the Greek Region of Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese.The staff, the management and the  executives are friendly and warm, with passion to achieve  their goal of offering "Greek hospitality" services in a wonderful environment.
-Your next trip..where?   
-Paros and  Antiparos!
-Your secret of having a great time..Tell it now
-Walking on the beach (its only 5 min away from home) barefoot, watching the sunset and reminiscing over my day..
-Five things of Greece you can't live without
-The blue color of the sky, the smell of the sea, the light of the sun, the endless sandy beaches, even within the region of Attica, the Greek wine..
-Which is your favorite spot of the city you live
-Ostrerman restaurant bar at 10, agias eirinis square, down town. An old fabric warehouse, renovated with a great design, with a 10 meter long bar..and impressive cocktails!