Lets face it. We are trying our whole life to be THE BEST wifes, partners, lovers, friends...bla bla bla....Why? Who is responsible for this "perfection hunting"?

Propably us.

We are trying to make impression to an unknown public who stands there and here, trying to find flaws in our actions and feelings. Lets get over it. At last.

Is it only women who do this all the time? I think yes. We used to think men as the "hunters", the creautures that fight for family, promotion, girlfriend..really now??

Do you believe it?

Well.....All heroes need a few flaws, it's what makes a person sexy. (specially a man!) Theres no such a thing as a perfect relationship. The best sex also, never goes on plan.

Homes that you see in the decoration magazines might look perfectly clean and gorgeous but not in every day life!

The coolest people wear fashion not in the way they "should wear", but in their own way..Personally my best friend Lia, she can wear too many colours, fabrics together, sometimes she mixes something she bought now with something she had somewhere  hidden -years ago- and the result is awesome!- She enters somewhere, and all the heads turn to cheque her "mix and match" look! No rules here too. Just imagination...

So...your life is yours, live it even with flaws. After all, they are yours.

(Bottom line. Men are not trying to be 100% perfect. Thats why some of them are soooo cool...)