I love ‘My Greek Island Life’.The minute my feet touched the ground on the Island of Lesvos I felt I had come home.In the week that followed my feelings for the island and it’s beautiful, warm and generous people only grew.

The connection I felt was so strong that I began to ask myself had this place been somewhere I had lived before.On my first visit I found a house I loved and immediately set about purchasing it.This was the start of frequent visits to Lesvos and the more time I spent on the island the more time I wanted to spend there.As my stays became longer and more frequent I realised I preferred this simple way of life to that of my hectic London one.I love many things about the new life my partner, artist, Matthew Usmar Lauder and I are living.I love the big beautiful skies, the stars at night, the Aegean Sea, the vast landscape that changes dramatically from one side of the island to the other.I love the olive trees, the change of the seasons, the way the island explodes with the colour of wildflowers after the cold, wet, winter months.I love having time to reflect on nature and time to talk to people.I love all the cats and dogs that have found their way to our doorstep and the unconditional love they have given us.

I love the sense of community, the way people care and look out for one another.We feel so privileged to be part of our village community and being invited to weddings, baptisms and birthdays.The village community has opened our eyes to a new way of living and we are grateful for that.

Creativity is important to both Matthew and I and I feel our creativity has blossomed.This new life has given me time to create my latest book My Greek Island Home which documents the life I am now living in a village on the island of Lesvos.