Lets face it. There are some days we wake up not in the best mood. We should grab the day, and with a big smile, to stay positive until the end of it. But its impossible...

Our soul, our heart knows better.

There is something deep inside that makes us anxious and sad.......

Every day our programme is full of appointments and "to do" lists. Thats why things are hidden. Well...we should take some minutes off, and try to listen to our inner messages. Keep all the lists away, and make your self a priority. Something is missing? Is still hurting? Dont push your self to be "positive" just because it is the "today mantra" or something. Life is not only black and white, it turns grey sometimes, and that means you should take over this light sadness. 

And yes....we are not machines. Sometimes we can't ''do it all". Sometimes we must stop doing everything and listen. There is always a reason for our bad mood. It could be a person, a word he -or she- said, something we avoid doing like "a visit to our doctor", or go to the tax service.

We shouldn't be pressed by society to ''feel good'' at any price.

This is about our life out sentiments, and we are unique.

Stop this ''everyday madness" and THINK, LISTEN, DECIDE.

It's one life. Solve these issues so you can wake up with a big smile.