2017. It seems a good year, a year of hope or just a year of crisis again? Will we change things around us or we will live the way we used to?

I can only be optimist. I can only smile when i meet all those wonderful people every day that ''make their own difference''.

Its amazing how many citizens risk to write their own business story, instead of accepting someone else's theory.

I have only one choice. Be ready for the ''best'' to come and if i count all those excellent producers i have met, believe me, you will be optimist too.

Eclectic Flavours by Anna Apostolidou, a dynamic businness woman, and her excellent products. ''Nissos'' beer from Tinos island. Bariamis hand made sweets. Those excellent olives by ''Agora'', and their olive oil. The pure fruit marmelades ''Marmeliza Oh so delicious'' from Eliza Douli.

The wonderful organic aromatic plants and herbs from ''Organic Islands''.

Startupers, people with new ideas, and producers that are capable of sharing the greek taste abroad.

Thats the only solution to ''crisis''. Work ,work, work, keep on planning, keep on working.

Thanks God, we have a lot of professionals in this country. Still.