Schooldrivers is a modern rock band originating from Athens, Greece.

The group is comprised of Kay Darens (Lead Vocalist), Nico Boneli (Lead Guitarist), AJ Anasto (Bass, Backing Vocals), Vl@hos (Drums) and Marpi (Keys).

With the tag Modern Mental Rebellion and a new album named Theronation, Schooldrivers’s sound features dirty grunge distorted guitars, heavy drum beats and dark bass lines, all strung up lyrics and minimal enhancing keys.

Formed back in 2009 the band has released an album in its mother tongue that proved to be quite a success amongst local fans. Before deciding to change its language and sound the band had: completed over 200 live appearances all over Greece, headlining most of them, organized 2 successful rock fests, released 4 music videos and 3 singles, got major airplay by local radio & TV stations and starred in the 1st Greek rockumentary on MTV Greece.

Recommended to fans of Foo Fighters, Seether, Bush, Clutch, Faith No M