Rosebleed, the five-piece alternative rock band from Athens, Greece, features the same members since 2004! Success started to come after their exceptional appearances at the Schoolwave festival, summer 2006! After school, they won the 2007 annual contest of F.Nakas Conservatory and the prize was a contract for a single with Sony Music. The single turned into an EP, “Stories”, which was released July 2008 producing a major hit song, “Until Next Time”. The track reached radio top 50 and it’s video MAD TV and MTV Greece’s top 10 for month finally been nominated for two Mad Video Music Awards in June 2009. The band toured spring 2008 with Greek pop sensation, Matisse, and in May same year opened for Hooverphonic. But Rosebleed’s greatest moment yet is the appearance at the Olympic Stadium of Athens before the great Santana, in front of thousands of people, in July 2009. Just days before, the band had finished their debut album which was produced by Clive Martin, of international fame (Puressence, Strangelove, Stereophonics, Massive Attack, Le Negresses Vertes, Raining Pleasure etc). Later, a duet with the famous Greek singer, Philipp Pliatsikas, has been added to the album which was titled “White Balloons” and released on Sony Greece, December 7th 2009. A lengthy tour of dozens of shows, some of them with UK band, Puressence, spread all over Greece from November 2009 till April 2010 and finished at a very busy Kyttaro on the 6th of May, 2010. Their second single and video for “I Want To have It All”, was also a hit on radio and TV in the beginning of the year. Summer 2010 passes with many live shows, something not common for an alternative rock band in Greece: they played Anorak Festival in Kavala, River party in Kastoria and many other festivals, some of them along with Irishman Craig Walker, the ex-Archive singer! One of Rosebleed’s most important moments yet is the opening for The Cranberries, on July 14th, 2010!
During Fall of 2010, Vassili and Danae, voice and keys of the band, shared a 14 dates acoustic tour with Craig Walker all over Greece. Rosebleed will perform again in the beginning of 2011 in support of their third single from White Ballons, “Bingo”, right before withdrawing to write the songs of their next album. 
Rosebleed are the most up and coming alternative rock band in Greece now, being incredibly mature as musicians and composers while also very young. There’s a bright future in front of them but right now there’s en even brighter “right now” to deal with!
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