Minor Mine is a folk/post punk band, formed in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2007.


November 2007: Minor Mine is formed in Thessaloniki, Greece
March 2008: Record their first song "Are you sure (that you are awake)?" at Rough Note Studios. 
April 2008: The very first gig (with thee pancakes) takes place in Dron bar in Thessaloniki
September 2008: Recording sessions begin at Rough Note studios
December 2009: Single "Where they go" first released in compilation of Sonik magazine "Support New MZK"
June 2010: Debut album "Where they go" is released
December 2010: "Where they go" album is a suggested album of 2010 (Sonik Mag)
June 2011: Recording sessions for the new album begin at RNS




K: lead vocals, acoustic-electric guitar, mandolin
Nick Brave: keys, trumpet, theremin, back vocals
Johnny: bass and electric guitar
George Animal: drums, percussion