All songs, music and lyrics by Lia Hide, during the summer of 2011. *Sunday Mornings written by Lia Hide, Alex Giannakoulias, George Rados & Agis Vougas (the Seyfert’s Quartet, 2003)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Kyriazis, Athens (Dec.2011-Jar.2013)

Personnel: Produced by: Lia Hide with Giannis Lambropoulos & George Rados *Blue Boy produced by Thanos Kaleas *Burn the witch produced Giannis Lambropoulos Sound Engineering: Giannis Lambropoulos Mastering: Thanos Kaleas

all arrangements by: Lia Hide *Blue Boy arranged by Thanos Kaleas *Burn the witch, orchestra arranged by Tasos Rosopoulos Musicians: Lia Hide: all vocals, piano, keyboards, bass on 13 Yiotis Kiourtsoglou: bass on 1,3,5,6,7,9,10 Pantelis Skepasthianos: bass on 2,12 Ellie Dadira: d.bass George Rados: drums Socrates Ganniaris: percussion Fotis Karaoglanis: ac. & el. guitars on 5,9,12,13 Michalis Kavadias: guitar on 6 Dimitris Rouhitsas: ac. guitar on 6,8 Tasos Rosopoulos: classical guitar on 11 Marinos Galatsinos: clarinet, bass clarinet, flute

Cover Art: Yiakou Album artwork: Lia Hide

hope you have the time to listen, and enjoy, and share with me your review!