One of the most important underground bands in Greece, Broken Seals have been composing their songs while sharing great moments and lots of fun together in different places. Although they aren't 'on the road' so often (for various reasons), when they get the chance to perform live on stage, their shows are always memorable and make a great impact; the secret ingredient is that they have the amazing ability of turning a show into a party both for their audience and themselves!!!

Some 'historical' details about the band, now... Founder members George and Ioanna have experienced living in Paris for a few years during the 80's up until mid 90's... During that time they played live shows in the underground Parisian club scene along with musicians from different parts of the world. They formed Broken Seals in 1997, in Thessaloniki, their hometown. George is the singer/songwriter and also on guitar. Ioanna is on bass, Tassos with his unique style on drums and percussion and Frans on the saxophone.

During the summer of 1998 the band records in Magnanimus studio, one of the first major recording studios in Greece, along with the studio's founder George Pentzikis, who also appears on piano on a couple of tracks... The first six tracks are recorded there. Frans dies unexpectedly and for sometime everything freezes. After a considerable break, the band starts recording again in Action Studio in Athens, with Aris Christou and Labros Papalexis; they finally manage to record the rest of the songs. During that period two new members join the band. Panos Papazoglou a gifted guitarist and member in a quite few other Greek bands and Chris Pappas who brings his very special style on piano and keyboard. In 2004 the final versions of the songs are mastered in Unity Mastering in London by Chris Parmenidis. Finally, after lots of hard work and effort, Broken Seals' debut album is released by Olon Music, in 2005.

Throughout this time, the band has been performing live shows in Thessaloniki and all around Greece by themselves, as well as support to names like The Wedding Present, Madrugada, Mick Harvey, Mercury Rev, Arab Strap, Phil Shoenfelt, Zita Swoon and others...


Broken Seals' second album "Rise" is out now!


  • Members

  • George Lazaridis (vocals, guitars, songwriter)

  • Tasos Economou (drums, percussion)

  • Panos Papazoglou (guitars)

  • Chris Pappas (keyboards, piano)

  • Haris Agoritsas (bass)

  • Joanna Jyoti (guest vocals, percussion)


  • Influences

  • The Velvet Underground, Johnny Thunders, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Van Morrison, Elvis, Stax, Motown, The Good The Bad and The Ugly


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