Anna Bourma was born in Athens, and she is a Greek singer of Pontian origin.

She studied at New Smyrna classical piano and high level theoretically of classical music.

She finished her studies at 1998 and she took the national diploma,and then she worked with various artist for more than a decade, including with George Dalaras, Nikos Zoudiaris, Zikas and M. Lidakis. She released her solo album Ta Roda Tis Avlis (Yard – roses ) in 21 December 2011. In 2012 she did many concerts in all over Greece, with two more artists singing with her, Dimitra Galani and Lavrentis Mahairitsas. Finally she has received many awards in  several music concerts, and at October 2012 she made several concerts for the major project of Green Peace ( save the climate), and in January 2013 her songs has been included in several art programs in univercities as  AKTO technology and art design).